The time of hospice is a time of rich experiences. Sharing those experiences with each other can benefit both the writer as well as the reader. To write down what we have gone through, learned, and grown from, adds to integrating this amazing process on a deeper level. To read about it can help us prepare for what may lie ahead, or even find resemblance to what we are currently experiencing.

When sharing your story, if you have found a way to overcome certain obstacles you may have encountered, please include enough detail for others to possibly duplicate what you had success with. Feel free to include photos as well.

Even after our beloved animal passes, its’ spirit may find a way to let us know it is still around. When it does, and it may only take an instant, it gives us lasting comfort and certainty that dying is just another birth – into the non-physical realm.

Whether you want to share about the time of hospice or had one of those precious experiences, please contact us.

Thank you to all who are contributing to this collection for others to learn from and yes – please enjoy.

The dog Cassie standing on a riverbank


Cassie’s Story by Anne C. Harris

Anne graciously made it possible for Ella and Bunny to videotape the last 48 hours of Cassie’s life in a chocolate lab coat. The resulting movie has been shown during the live weekend SPIRITS in Transition seminars, allowing the participants to familiarize themselves with a natural dying process in a dog.

Thank you Cassie, Anne and Matt, for so generously sharing this amazing journey with so many!

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Swany’s Story by Bunny Morrow

A white tennis ball in sand. On the ball is written SWANY 8/12/89 to 7/22/05 AND BEYOND. The ball was thrown into the ocean at Swany's memorial celebration one month after she died, but the other Labs in attendance that day retrieved it! Now it sits by her ashes.

Swany’s last tennis ball

Swany, a female Black Labrador, came into my life when she was just a pup, and I told her then that I would care for her the rest of her life – that was my commitment to her. We were blessed to be best buddies for 16 years. She was such a character – quite mischievous most of her life and there are many “Swany Stories”. One story dear to my heart is of the time leading up to and including her passing and the vigil I held afterwards.

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Niki’s Story by Lisa Ross–Williams

Siamese Niki shared 20 wonderful years with her human loved one Lisa Ross–Williams, before she developed renal failure. This is an ode to Niki and her natural passing at home in the presence of her human loved ones.

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Cricket’s Story by Rosie Perera

Cricket’s mom Rosie participated in the seminar “SPIRITS in Transition” in preparation for the approaching Good Bye from her beloved black lab Cricket who got diagnosed with masses in her lung area, with fluid build up around it.

The blog (posted here with gracious permission) was written throughout the last few weeks of Rosie’s (in her own words) “wonderful and bittersweet journey with Cricket for the last few weeks of her (17 years and 4-1/2 months long!) life, through her cremation”. Rosie shares with us about the ups and the downs, uniquely and poetically, with images, music, great faith and introspection.

Be aware that some of the photos may be startling– the first to appear is one taken at the crematorium.

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