Spirits in Transition Donations

Thank you for seeking out our donation option. Please be advised that your donation is not tax-deductible for reasons outlined below.

We offer our support through our website as well as our helpline free to everyone seeking it out, because we:

  • Understand from our own experience what it is like to be facing end-of-life decisions of an animal loved one and
  • Are passionate about animal guardians having choices during such tremendous challenge.
  • Plus we feel strongly about that no-one should have to go alone through such heart wrenching moments, days, weeks or months.

We do this in our “free” time, which include late night and early morning hours including on weekends, basically without taking vacations. Even so, financial costs for us are involved that we cover from personal funds as well as income from the online classes, but also from most grateful received donations.

We decided to not spend additional countless hours to jump through the administrational hurdles of becoming and maintaining a charitable non-profit.

This is to explain that donations to our cause are not tax-deductible.

If you choose to give financial support to Spirits in Transition nonetheless,

  • Whether you want to express your gratitude for having had our support during difficult times,
  • Or because you resonate deeply with the meaningfulness of having such support be available to other animal lovers in support of also their precious animal friends facing the end of life, you have our word that your contribution will solely be used to support the cause of furthering the availability of high quality hospice care for animal companions.

If you are considering making a charitable bequest, please contact us and we will ensure tax deductibility through a fiscal sponsor.

Thank you so very much for your support.

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