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As we frequently get asked, not just for hospice situations, you can also find links that can be helpful in locating a holistic vet in your area.

We also include links regarding closely related topics such as cancer prevention, support for senior and disabled animals and more.

These websites are provided for information purposes only – full responsibility remains with the users of these sites.

Please note that the term “hospice” is used by many in a very wide sense, as in comfort care until euthanasia, while we at Spirits in Transition use it quite similar to human hospice.

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The “Senior Dog Project” site, also listed above in the Senior and Special Needs section, has a collection of links to organizations providing funds for veterinary services here. The commercial site also contains a list here.


Once an animal is in hospice care it is usually no longer desirable to transport them to a veterinary clinic when professional intervention is needed. If your veterinarian does not provide house calls and can not recommend a colleague, this link might be helpful: The website of the American Association of House call and Mobile Veterinarians lists its members by state.

There is no information on the website directly whether a veterinarian is familiar with an actual hospice approach, nor whether they also offer holistic modalities.

This directory allows to search by state for veterinarians offering in-home euthanasia. Not every state has listings (yet). Since only those who registered to be listed on this site can be found here, if none of them is near you, you may still be able to locate one in a different way.

When provided with skilled hospice care, often it is possible for an animal to die peacefully in its own good time, yet since it is impossible to know what all may unfold it is an essential preparatory step to locate 24/7 support in case treatment or euthanasia may become necessary.


The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association has a search option “Find a Holistic Vet”. This is the only site that will show all the different treatment modalities a particular practitioner offers – if that veterinarian chose to be a member of this organization.

The Veterinary Botanical Medical Association publishes lists of their US and international members. It takes contacting a specific veterinarian to find out more details about their use of herbs, for example whether s/he works with Chinese or Western herbs or both.

VETERINARY ACUPUNCTURISTS & TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine)

Acupuncture as well as Chinese herbs can keep animals walking that lose strength in their hind end, may restore movement in animals paralyzed due to a disc problem, can give great pain relief, help digestive issues and nausea, fight side-effects from chemo and radiation, and support animals with chronic kidney or liver failure and provide support in a number of other internal or structural conditions.

Inside hospice, acupuncture or –pressure may be preferable over herbs, as those may no longer be feasible in an animal with loss of appetite. Also, cats may not be as open to taking herbs than accepting a homeopathic remedy. ph. (970) 266-0666

The International Veterinary Acupuncture Association allows for a search to locate an IVAS certified Veterinary Acupuncturist by location or name. Note that Veterinary Acupuncturists trained elsewhere are not listed, so if you can not find someone in your area on this list, you may still find them on others, like the AHVMA one or the Chi Institute. ph . (800) 891-1986

The Chi Institute in Florida trains veterinarians in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, entailing acupuncture, herbs, nutritional therapy and Tui-na. They have their own certified practitioner list. Their search option on the web allows for specifying the search for the above modalities. The Chi Institute also sells beautiful acu-point charts.


Particularly for severe health problems, as in chronic digestive issues, skin problems, cancer etc. make sure the practitioner has some training and understanding of classic homeopathy. Cats may accept a homeopathic remedy easier than being given herbs. Homeopathy can be a wonderful way of supporting an animal during hospice, for pain reduction, to address digestive and many other issues.

Click on “Find a vet”, then on “Animal Natural Health Center Referrals” within the text, to find a list of veterinarians trained in classic homeopathy as taught by Dr. Pitcairn, who offers the currently only AVH (see below) approved course.

If you cannot find a vet close to you, some homeopathic vets accept clients for phone consultations long distance. ph. (866) 652-1590

The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy certifies veterinarians in North America who specialize in homeopathy, based on the course offered by Dr. Pitcairn (see above). Their referral list is divided into “certifieds” and “affiliated”, the latter are veterinarians who have pursued their homeopathic training in their own way.


The exceedingly informative site of the Cancer Prevention Coalition was founded by Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.. He is a physician and professor of occupational and environmental medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health.

On the home page to the right, click on: “Avoidable Exposures: Work and Environment”. The next page will let you choose articles from themes like:

“Environmental pollutants” (expl: pesticides) and “Your home environment”: Read Indoor air pollution, Home and Garden pesticides, the “Dirt Dozen” Consumer Products, for many great suggestions how to keep yourself and your pet safe!

If you can’t get yourself to pay for organic meet, read “American beef – why is it banned in Europe?”. If you still give hot dogs to your dog, click on “Avoidable Cancers” to the right on the home page, then: “Childhood cancers– avoid the causes”, and click on “Hotdogs”.

Here is more info on pesticides in food for the ones who can not afford buying organic, too.

Georgia’s Legacy Canine Cancer Resource is designed to help those get started on their personal journey whose dog has been diagnosed with cancer. It provides key resources, useful tips, holistic treatment options, answers to frequently asked questions and basic information about canine cancer and pet loss issues.


This article gives a brief overview over home modifications that can ease daily life for an animal companion with special needs or failing senses, and its caregiver. We want to emphasize one example given, of securing swimming pools and other water features. Your animal may have been safely navigating, if not happily using, such for all its prior life. Yet changes that come with aging, whether noticed by the caregiver or not, can turn long term fun into sudden tragedy. Along the same line, though not entailing a home modification, please be aware that loss of hearing will turn a life long car-savvy animal into a helpless target when taking a snooze near your car wheels. It takes only little to spare ourselves this kind of heart break.

Inspired by an elderly poodle flourishing after being rescued from a puppy mill, the purpose of this website is to provide interested adopters with a list of hospice, elderly, and special-needs animals that are currently available for adoption or foster, so they can live out their lives in a loving home. Both shelter and private listings are welcome!

A very comprehensive site offering support options for cats with chronic kidney failure. The animal guardian can also join a very active support group to get input on individual circumstances. ph. (888) 811-PETS (7387)

A very resourceful website with a wealth of links and information, like how to build your own dog ramp, how to express the bladder of a dog, ordering wheel chairs, harnesses, boots etc. Also features a discussion/support area. ph. (208) 643-9605

Practical and esthetically pleasing ramps for indoor use. Great for seniors as well as prevention of certain health issues.

An online support network for caregivers who share advice, information, and emotional support; and elsewhere on this site you can find links to other lists as well, dealing with specific health issues, where you can also find support.

The website of the Senior Dogs Project provides a variety of lovingly compiled information on adopting or also finding a home for senior dogs, information on side effects of medications frequently prescribed for arthritis in canines and a fabulous list of links to find financial assistance to provide veterinary care for your dog.


** www.pethospice.orgph. (707) 557-8595

The site of The Nikki Hospice Foundation, creator of the International Symposium of Veterinary Hospice Care, the first of which took place at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2008. The site allows to search by state a list of veterinarians specialized in providing hospice support (click on “Veterinary Hospice care”, then on “Hospice veterinarians”).


The International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care started forming in 2009 to create an umbrella organization for various approaches to end-of-life care for animals.


Washington ph. (425)223-5722

AHELP stands for Animal Hospice, End of Life, and Palliative Care Project. It is a nonprofit educational, networking and volunteer support resource for families in the Seattle, WA area whose animals have special needs due to illness, injury or aging. AHELP’s mission is to increase awareness of the caregiving options for our animals.


Founded in 1990 by Gail and Richard Pope, BrightHaven is an animal rescue, hospice and holistic education center with the primary focus on senior, disabled & chronically ill animals. Gail and Richard Pope have profound experience with supporting animals through their normal, unhastened dying process and Gail offers paid consultations. ph. (505) 471-5366

Another angel in human form dedicated to assisting many old and dying animals in a residential setting, Ulla Pedersen founded the Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary in New Mexico. ph. 916-205-7103

Wind Song Animal Sanctuary, formerly “A Chance for Bliss” also is a wonderful non-profit animal sanctuary in Lincoln, CA that cares for senior and special needs animals, as well as those who are facing end of life circumstances. ph. (303) 688-9537

PAALS for Life, People And Animals Living Synergistically is a program of The Dreampower Foundation, Inc., a non-profit cooperation in Castle Rock, Colorado. Dreampower Ranch, Colorado, is the major reception area for PAALS and also gives sanctuary to the four-legged – the hourses, donkeys, mules and cattle plus the numerous farm animals. Dreampower Ranch II, New Mexico, provides a safe and comfortable retirement home for the unadoptable dogs and cats.

As space and funds permit, PAALS also takes in dogs, and cats that have run out of time at animal shelters and horses rescued from abusive situations, and puts them up for adoption.


ph. (877) 474-3310

The ASPCA pet loss phone hot line is covered 24/7.

Grief Healing Discussion Groups, with one group dedicated to Pet Loss, accessible also through M. Tousley’s site above. What distinguishes these groups is that, unlike other self-help forums for the bereaved, this one is sponsored and supported by Hospice of the Valley, one of the largest and most respected not-for-profit hospices in the country. These forums are privately administered, closely monitored and professionally moderated to ensure the highest level of quality, safety and security for our participants. Every post is reviewed and read by our moderator, a professional grief counselor who visits the site several times a day.

This website, created in honor of the loss of a beloved son and brother, contains a comprehensive collection of articles for people dealing with death and loss. It is a living forum of contributors that people can take part in whether they want to contribute articles, join the forum, or join the conversation on the social pages. While it does not have a focus on loss of an animal family member, the grieving process for a deeply loved soul is largely species independent.


A website for human hospice, offering a lot of good information. One of our favorites, under bereavement: Hospice Spiritual Readings-from all different walks!


The page of the Traveller’s Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary in Virginia generously shares their experience caring for aging horses, providing a valuable resource on how to feed.

Gives a field tested, low cost, owner reliant holistic protocol to treat horses with symptoms of West Niles Virus infection. Developed with the support of two holistic veterinarians.


Tallgrass Publishers is a unique and rich source for anyone interested in learning acupressure for animals. They offer seminars and online courses on this topic, books and DVD’s, as well as acu-point charts for horses, dogs and cats. SPIRITS in Transition is accepted as an elective class inside their certification program. ph. (530) 913-1309

The Animal Acupressure Training Academy is dedicated to compassionate care for animals through the study and application of holistic energy-balancing modalities that facilitate health and well being, honor the spirit of the animals, and deepen our connection to them.

Besides animal acupressure training programs based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, classes are offered on Tui Na, CranioSacral work, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki for animals, as well as a class on applying acupressure in animal hospice.


This website offers a wealth of information regarding regular animal care as well as emergency guidance, including recall alerts and chocolate toxicity meter (perhaps soon to include one for CBD/THC toxicity?). There is an expansive search option for better understanding a multitude of health conditions as well, just keep in mind that treatment options are limited to conventional medicine.

Caring, compassionate assistance as your beloved pet prepares for life’s next phase is offered through information posted on the website as well as via non-veterinary e-mail and phone support.

A site to accompany the book of the same name. The author Rita Reynolds is the founder of an animal sanctuary in Virginia, is establishing a community animal hospice program, and provides individual consulting.

The American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians. A nice explanation of hospice for animals, as well as an extensive list of links to Human End-of-Life Internet Sites.

A site containing a vast alphabetical list of veterinary terms in regards to dog and cat health, which can be helpful in understanding what your animal has been diagnosed with.

Represents a strictly traditional western point of view ph. (866) 881-3440

The Monroe Institute offers a technology called Hemisynch. This method balances the interaction between the two hemispheres of the brain, with amazing results.

Their CD’s, for instance “Surf” or “Meditation” can on very low volume help to calm animals. There are also many that have music with Hemisynch unnoticeable underneath it.

The tape series “Going Home” has been developed in collaboration with Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, MD, and Charles Tart, PhD, to help people overcome fear of dying, including people with life threatening conditions and caretakers of the terminally ill. phone numbers for different states. California: (559) 877-4386

This is the international home page of the organizations which offer free 10-day courses in Vipassana Meditation.

Trees for a Change is an organization that plants trees as gifts in U.S. National Forests that have been destroyed by wildfire. They offer Pet Memorial Tree Gifts, planting a tree in memory of beloved pets that have passed. Each Memorial Tree Gift includes the planting of a tree, a card explaining the gift, the pet’s name and optional photo on our pet registry, and access to information about where the tree was planted.

The Eden Alternative is a not-for-profit organization focused on the core belief that aging should be a continued stage of development and growth, rather than a period of decline. Their mission is to improve the well-being of Elders and those who care for them by transforming the communities in which they live and work. And this they do. Among their 10 principles is: “Loving companionship is the antidote to loneliness. Elders deserve easy access to human and animal companionship!” We are forever grateful to them, as it was through the training they offer, that Bunny’s dad could live out his life in a senior home with his faithful dog companion “Pequena”on his side all the way to his last breath.

A free resource that provides comprehensive information to senior citizens on topics like the benefits and risks of pet ownership in an Assisted Living facility, choosing a pet friendly Assisted Living Community, pet adoption, and State-by-State Financial Resources for seniors with pets.

Used in addition to routine veterinary care, ThePetCheckup™ helps you know when your dog or cat needs medical attention, even before symptoms appear. ThePetCheckup™ can indicate imbalances that lead to many of the most common illnesses that affect your animal, including: diabetes,kidney infections, kidney disease, urinary tract infections, bacterial infections, bladder infections, autoimmune diseases, hepatitis, and other liver conditions.This early detection allows for a whole new level of care for your cat and dog.

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